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FINOS DevOps Automation Special Interest Group aims to solve common engineering problems by providing a continuous compliance and assurance approach to DevOps that mutually benefits banks, auditors and regulators whilst accelerating DevOps adoption in engineering and FinTech IT departments.

What are the objectives of DevOps Automation?

To unite SMEs from across FINOS members to help solve the industry's challenges as they relate to continuous automation and the related audit and regulatory compliance. Often seen as an inhibitor of productivity, we see automation of our DevOps practices provides an opportunity to drive automated compliance that help facilitate reduced delivery timelines and increased productivity. The DevOps Automation SIG has formed a number of Working Groups which focus on innovating collaborative solutions to the benefit of all our members.

Working Groups


Driving adoption of the open platform for developer portals and building integrations crucial for the FinTech industry.

Open Source Supply Chain

Cross industry collaboration on methods and mechanisms for securing the Open Source Software Supply Chain and mitigating associated risks for the industry

Automated Change Management

Drive continuous compliance and assurance of software changes within the Finance Industry through automated change management and associated practices

Architecture as Code

Shift left the ability to define, measure, automate and trace compliance of financial software to approved architectures and blueprints