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Automated Change Management Working Group engagement model

Our community meetings will follow a Lean Coffee pattern. Because of potential tool restrictions across our community of organizations, we will use Github for all collaboration. Over time, we will provide updates detailing community activity at each meeting of the FINOS SIG (see here for meeting announcements).

Meeting Announcements

Announcements for working group meetings will be made as issues on the github issue tracker. We will follow the same conventions used for the FINOS DevOps Automation SIG meetings.

Meeting Cadence

To start, we will hold meetings every two weeks, starting the week of June 13, 2023. Based on community input, we will seek to evolve the meeting cadence to maximize participation within the group as well as with other FINOS workstreams.

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes will be added as comments to the meeting announcement.

Meeting Agenda

We believe a regular cadence of real-time in-depth discussions amongst tech leaders will result in acceleration of constructive ideas and actions that advance our clients and the industry. We will know we have succeeded when attendees contribute to deliverables and provide feedback to improve working group meetings.


  • Provide an opportunity for collaborative discussion and ideas.
  • Leverage the experiences and knowledge of tech leaders.
  • Foster camaraderie through technical curiosity and geekdom.
  • Create artifacts and resources that organizations can use to accelerate their adoption of improved open source supply chain security and compliance practices.


Open to all practitioners.


  • Size: Unlimited, but will breakout into smaller groups to promote participation.
  • Format: Using Lean Coffee (link1, link2), we pitch and vote on which topics the group wants to discuss and time-box the discussion.
  • Intent: Prefix topics with your intention so the group is clear on the proposer's outcome.


Examples of intent (and to prefix your proposed topics):

  • [inform] You are simply seeking to inform the group of this item. You may field clarifying questions from the group on your inform, but not seeking further discussion at this time.
  • [ideation] You are seeking divergent and wide perspectives from this group. In this brainstorming mode, all ideas are accepted, without critical analysis. Clarify whether you’d like to ideate on the problem space or the solution space.
  • [analysis] You are asking the group to help you poke holes in your idea, plan, etc.
  • [quest] You are seeking information and responses to a question you have.

Meeting guidelines

We will start at :05 after, as attendees join.

  • enjoy the music
  • join the Leen Coffee meeting issue here
  • read today's proposed topics in the project board
  • add your own proposed topics to the list



  • 2mn - intro
  • 10mn - pitch topics
  • 35mn - voted topic discussion
  • 5mn - silent readouts, comments / questions via comments in issue

Small group facilitation

Depending on attendance, we may split out into subgroups to ensure all voices are heard. We will agree on the room's topic so that attendees may choose according to their interest. Someone within the group will be responsible for creating an issue, and taking (and posting) notes from the discussion.

If the topic is completed before time is up, the group may vote on another topic to discuss.


Any documentation artifacts generated by the group will be organized in the ./docs/autochangemgmt/ folder of this repository.

Contributions are welcome. See the ./ for licensing and contribution requirements.